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Fenwick Bath provides a variety of Repair and Maintenance Services to homeowners who are just looking for a little fix-it for their bathroom. Re-siliconing and Acrylic and Gelcoat repairs are the most common solutions.


Years of use can weaken even the best silicone bead sealing. Knowing this we offer a re-siliconing service for bath tubs and showers. We will remove the existing silicone bead, prep the surfaces, and apply new premium quality silicone sealant.

Acrylic and Gelcoat Repairs

Do you have a shower or bathtub that you would like to renew? If your tub or shower is made with either an acrylic or gel coated surface, our factory trained technicians can fix most problems and make your tub or shower look new again. Give us a call and we will come to your home, inspect the damage and provide you with a quote to repair the damage.