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Wall Systems

Acrylic bath and shower wall systems are the preferred choice for their rich looks and a whole lot more...

Acrylic Wall Systems provide many advantages over tile and grout, cultured marble, and other waterproofing products. The high gloss of acrylic is extremely easy to maintain and if ever necessary to repair. Their surfaces are seamless with joints only in corners where they are sealed with silicone. There are no grout lines to collect mold and mildew or crack out. They come with finished edges so that in most cases you get a beautiful clean appearance without having to use trim.

Our Acrylic Wall Systems are available in solid colours and a variety of marble and stone patterns. They can also be formed to give you the look and feel of tile without the problems and maintenance that come with tile and grout.

Come in to our showroom or give us a call and we will come to your home and show you samples of the many choices of wall surrounds available to you.

Select a style and colour from our wide array of beautiful Wall Systems to suit your budget… and your dreams.

  • Easy to Clean non-porous surfaces
  • Scratch and Stain Resistance
  • High gloss Retention
  • UV Resistance
  • Warm Touch
  • Excellent Heat Retention
  • Easy Repair

Subway Tile Pattern

8" x 10" Tile Pattern



Frog Wall Systems

Frog Wall Colour Palettes